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10. September 2018 | Author: Hotel & Restaurant Guide
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Skyline Frankfurt Panorama Photo

Skyline Frankfurt Panorama Photo

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in its 28 August 2018 issue reported on a study by Dr. Lübke & Kelber, a real estate investment service specializing in the brokerage of hotel business, stating that the hotel market in Germany is undergoing structural change: whilst the bed density is still mainly attributable to business travellers, holidaymakers are beginning to close the gap. The same article quotes the auditing and consulting firm PwC as describing the Frankfurt hotel market as extremely healthy, further corroboration being provided by Tourismus- und Congress GmbH, which is predicting that the number of overnight stays in the city in 2018 might even top the ten million mark. Given all this, it will come as no surprise that 17 new hotels are scheduled to open in Frankfurt this year.

Foto: © Marriott Frankfurt

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