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Ebbelwoi, Stöffche, Schobbe – welcome to Frankfurt!

15. October 2019 | Author: Hotel & Restaurant Guide
Kategorie: Restaurants

It contains considerably less alcohol (and, consequently, fewer calories) than its grape-based cousins, is easily digested, and its fame has spread, over the years, far beyond the frontiers of Hesse: apple wine – known locally as Ebbelwoi, Äppler, Stöffche, Schobbe or (when young and still fermenting) Rauscher, and served in a traditional ribbed glass or pitcher known as a Bembel – can be sampled in Frankfurt and the surrounding region in a large number of apple wine taverns, some of which feature in the Restaurant Guide.

Daheim im Lorsbacher ThalDaheim in der Affentorschänke, Schreiber-Heyne and Zum Eichkatzerl are all in Sachsenhausen, the traditional apple-wine district, whilst the Homburger Hof is in north Frankfurt. All serve food – steaks, Bratwurst, Rippchen, Frankfurter Schnitzel … – prepared in the classic German manner; though in this, of course, they are far from alone. If you go to the home page of the Restaurant Guide, click on “Popular choices” and select “Traditional German restaurants”, you’ll find any number of establishments offering traditional German cuisine (or “gutbürgerliche Küche”, as it’s known) – some meticulously authentic in their methods; others applying to the familiar favourites a more modern, urban, touch.

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