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And after the IFFA… meat, anyone?

6. May 2019 | Author: Hotel & Restaurant Guide
Kategorie: Restaurants

Depot_groundfloor_600If so, make your next stop the Depot in Frankfurt’s Sachsenhausen, where you can sample some of the classics of German cuisine, from schnitzel with green sauce to roast pork, any of wide variety of burgers or, if you opt in the end for fish, delicious fillets of char from nearby lakes and waterways. Vegetarians, too, will find comfort in the menu. And for dessert, there are regional specialities (and a ‘tapas selection’ thereof) to bring the meal to a satisfying conclusion.
The drinks menu features another Hessian speciality: Mispelchen, a medlar soaked in apple wine brandy, but also refreshing long drinks as well as mint tea with honey and, if you wish, a dram of alcohol on the side.
Here the good things in life are in cheerful abundance – where better to relax and replenish your strength for the morrow?

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