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A gem in the middle of the Rhine-Main area: Rüsselsheim am Main with hotels for your stay in the Rhine-Main area

26. November 2018 | Author: Hotel & Restaurant Guide
Kategorie: Hotels

Hoell_Zimmer_2018_500Achat_Ruesselsheim_Fit_2018_500The geographical location in the midst of the Rhine-Main area and in close proximity to the Frankfurt airport make Rüsselsheim am Main an interesting destination for business trips.  Attractions such as the Opel villas and the Rüsselsheim fortress with its award-winning city and industrial museum are worth a look. Rüsselsheim is c. 30 km south-west of Frankfurt. The S9 will get you from the main railway station in Frankfurt to Rüsselsheim in 35 minutes, whence it’s a short bus ride (Line 11) to the Achat Comfort Hotel Rüsselsheim and Select Hotel Rüsselsheim or an 8-minute walk to the Hotel Hoell am Main.

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